I have a smell coming from the basement drain. Need to fix?

In my basement there is a drain that is occassionaly letting a smell out. the problem is when the ac turns on the smell carries through the vent. So I’ll walk in my kitchen and smell an awful odor. What can I do to PERMANETLY fix this. I have been dumping boiling hot water down there as a quick fix. I just dont want to have to do this every week. Thanks for any help

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Support to repair your drainage.

Stop meal waste coming into the drains system in which it would form an impediment.

Flush your sink drainage with hot water frequently.

Put on latex gloves whilst engaged on drainage pipes as they can be very greasy and slippery.

If a drains pipe pipe is blocked do not pour extra cold liquid into it.


5 Responses to “I have a smell coming from the basement drain. Need to fix?”
  1. Elias Greenhough Said:

    The drain has a p trap under it. The smell you have is sewer gas. In order for the p trap to work, there must be water in it. If you permanently seal the drain, you will lose it’s function.

    You are doing what you should do, pour water down it periodically to seal the gasses from coming through. It doesn’t have to be boiling water.

    I ran my condensate piping from the air conditioner and high efficient furnace to the drain in my basement so it is always full. This may be an option for you?

  2. Gerald Cambridge Said:

    My daughter has the same problem with a floor drain in the basement, we were told by a plumbing guy that all we could do was keep it clean ( that didn’t help ) then he said pour bleach or vinegar down the drain, ( that was only a quick fix )
    then I got a crazy idea, how do I keep my toilet smelling clean and fresh, I got one of those deodorising cakes made for urinals and I sat it in the drain and I poured water on it to activate the smell it has and I replace it as needed haven’t had the yucky smell since, worth a try.
    Hope my suggestion was helpful with your question.

  3. Cassie Blenkinsop Said:

    I had this same problem with a drain in my bathroom. As said above, you need to keep the P-trap filled with water to block the sewer gas from passing through the pipe. Hot water is a bad idea because it evaporates quickly. Just pour cold water down the drain or route an existing drainage tube to the drain.

  4. Barrett Forrester Said:

    What happens is that the water in the P-trap evaporates and allows sewer gasses to escape. Poor about a quart of water down then about 1/2 cup of cooking oil. The cooking oil will slow the water from evaporating. You’ll have to do this about every 3 to 6 months.

  5. Anika Hanson Said:

    please do not pour oil or grease down ur drain line…..if the water is evaporating that fast u probably have a crack in ur trap and the water is not evaporating but leaking out….water will stay in a trap for a while before it evaporates especially in a basement where it probably stays alot cooler than the house does….if u keep having to put water in it every week then it has to be cracked ….do u use this drain for anything?…if not u can buy what is called a wingnut test plug for that size pipe then just put the plug in there and tighten the wings on it and if u ever need to use it again just loosen the wings and take the plug out….best fix i can think of without u having to call a plumber…good luck

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