The most effective product to unclog drains?

I’ve tried liquid plumber and a few off-brand products, but none work really well. I’m using this for our shower drain, any advice?

Is this it?

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  1. Jadyn Swan Said:

    Lye. – Cheaper and more effective.
    The solid gets the caustic right down to the clog.
    Dangerous though.
    There is heat and possible steam when the stuff
    hits standing water.
    Nothing that a bit of common sense caution won’t handle.
    DO follow the directions.

  2. Rudy Weatherall Said:

    Yeah, you need something that will dissolve hair. Liquid P. is about the best consumer grade product. If I were you, I’d pull the drain cap off and dig the glom out with your hand, or a bent wire coat hanger. Follow up with either Liquid P. or an enzyme treatment. Enzymes actually consume drain pipe mulm.

  3. Diego Parkinson Said:

    Essence of rotary drain auger applied until clog is gone.

  4. Jaydon 146 Said:

    Good Plumber!!!!

  5. Naima Johnson Said:

    The most effective is really to snake the drain and pull out all the hair that is causing the clog. Once you get it cleared, buy one of those mesh drain covers that catches the hair as the water drains, it will really save you from getting shower clogs in the future.

  6. Josiah Greenway Said:

    There is a gadget you can buy at the hardware store that is screwed on to the end of your hose (Obviously this won’t be helpful if you live in a top floor apartment)which you then stick in/down the drain. Turning the water will fill the rubber balloon(sort of like a) part of this thing which will wedge it in the opening of the drain and NO water will leak past it. As the water flows its filling up the space between it and the clog. I’ve had pipes rattle,shake and otherwise protest till I kind of got scared but then all you hear is a hum from the free flow of water through the pipes and you know its pushed the clog free. Only one stubborn sink refused to drain after one of these treatments and it was because the clean outs on the roof had leaves etc in them. When we took our gadget up on the roof and shoved it down all the clean outs we have been clog free for years. Ask the hardware guy where the clog cleaner that goes on the end of a hose is if you can’t find it. If he says he don’t know hes a idot and you should tell him so. lol

  7. Oswaldo Hadley Said:

    Oh MAN!! …

    DO NOT – DO NOT Use Lye on ANY piping in a house.

    First – do ou have any idea what type of pipes Your drains are made of ? … Cast iron (Hub and gaskets), (threaded) galvanized steel, or PVC (Glued together plastic)?.

    Second – Are you POSITIVE the clog is hair, hair, and only hair?. Hair usually creates the main catch, which holds onto toothpaste, shampoo / conditioners, excessive perfumes and deodorants like body wash, hair mousse or gel, bath pellets/crystals create a buildup, lathering cleaning chemicals leave residues (scrubbing bubbles anyaone?), and a million other things can cause clogs.

    Last – ANY drain opener will be damaging to pipes, no matter how many times or what wording it uses to say it won’t.

    The pipes that connect the drain to the tub are actually VERY thin brass, possibly with a chrome coating. You should ALWAYS use drain chemicals sparingly, and repeat if necessary – and never let them stand in the tub for more than a 6-hour period.

    You should also NEVER use a cot-hanger on a tub drain. The pipes just arenb;t made to handle it. Drain augers are made to bend on their own and follow a pipe bend, hangers aren’t – PERIOD.

    Especially be aware of any fumes that may build up from keeping this stuff sitting in Your tub water, especially if a kid(s) is involved in the house.

    There’s only one thing You SHOULD do to repair a clogged tub drain, There’s a handle between the drain and the tub spout that fills it with water. There are 2 screws in it, cover the tub drain with a rag so the sacrews don’t fall into the drain, take the screws out, pull the linkage for the drain out, and cover the hole tightly enough to be air/waterproof.

    Run some hot(!!) water into the tub, and plunge the drain 10 – 15 times while the hot water is in it. Repeat as necessary but make sure the water can be baled out when it gets too high.

    If this doesn’t solve the problem after 5 – 10 times, wait an hour and try again, the You need to go on to the next option.

    Take either a genuine drain ager (snake) and feed it into the lever-opening, and attempt to unclog the stoppage, Once that’s been done, and the sanke feeds through about 6-12 feet into the pipe, take the drain cover off of the drain in the tub bottom, and use the snake there. If the piping from the lever-opening is cleared first, there will be less stoppage holdng back whatever’s in the trap under the tub itself.

    If you don’t have / cant get an actual drain auger, a piece of strip plastic with some jagged notches will work pretty well, They make something called The Zipper that does just this, but You could easily make one Yourself. The plastic bends, and won’t scratch the pipes or break through a rotted pipe wall.

    Good Luck!.

  8. Sherlyn Wing Said:

    i most of the time use diluted sulfuric acid . what you need to do is just pour a bitin the drain wait for ten minutes and let go the water pass through it freely .. happy cleaning
    PRECAUTION: use rubber gloves to cover your hands and mask your self too .

  9. Ezra Neale Said:

    My in-laws pour boiling water in their kitchen sink every time it gets plugged or slow… and it works every time!

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